Classic Hot Chocolate

*Regular Hot Chocolate


A steaming mug of homemade hot chocolate is the perfect accompaniment to a chilly winter day. You can’t go wrong with this classic recipe made with real chocolate and milk and not much else. An addition of whipped cream adds a refreshing touch to the silky rich hot chocolate. This slurp-able drink will be gone in minutes before you know it.

You can enjoy this single serving recipe all to yourself or scale up the recipe to share with family and friends.


Makes: one cup of hot chocolate


1 cup milk

2 ounces milk or semi-sweet chocolate

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt


Whipped cream

*optional cocoa powder garnish


In a saucepan, heat milk to a simmer. Then add chocolate and stir until smooth. Turn off the heat and add vanilla and salt. Pour into a mug, add whipped cream, sprinkle with cocoa powder and enjoy!



Citrus Beverage

During the hot summer, nothing is better than a refreshing citrus beverage. This drink can be made with any combination of citrus fruit. In the images above, we just made a simple lemonade. But, we have made drinks using limes, grapefruits, and oranges.

You can also alter this recipe by adding in other juices such as blueberry juice, raspberry juice, and others. For adults, you can add in some alcohol. This drink is also wonderful with the addition of some chopped, fresh mint.

Makes: 1/2  gallon (or so)


6-8 cups water (depending on strong you want your citrus beverage)

1/2 cup of  citrus juice

1/2 cup sugar (add more if you want the beverage to be sweeter)

Zest of all citrus fruits used


Mix all the ingredients together and stir for a minute to dissolve the sugar. Then, add in a few cups of ice and enjoy!