Caramel Sauce





This is a smooth, amber-brown, sweet caramel sauce. It is perfect to drizzle over ice cream, bananas, apple slices, cookies, brownies, cakes, and anything you can think of! We used it in a delicious chocolate banana ice cream cake with our hot fudge sauce. Once you taste this, you won’t be buying any of those store-bought-in-a-plastic bottle caramel sauces ever again!


2 cups granulated sugar
12 tablespoons unsalted butter, cubed and brought to room temperature (you can put cold butter in the microwave for 10-15 seconds to bring it to room temperature; just make sure not to melt the butter)
1 cup heavy cream, at room temperature (leave the cream on the counter for 30min-1 hour)
OPTIONAL: 1 tablespoon fleur de sel (or any other flaky sea salt; this will make your caramel sauce a salted caramel sauce)


Put the granulated sugar in a medium-large saucepan. Turn the stove to medium-high heat and whisk the sugar constantly. This will take a LONG time, but be patient. At first, you won’t see anything happening. But, after 5-10 minutes or so, you will see some light brown flecks in your white sugar.

IMG_0258 IMG_0260

After another long while, the sugar will start to cook and become brown clumps.

IMG_0263 IMG_0265

Since we’re Asian, I just had to use some chopsticks to stir my caramel. But, the chopsticks didn’t hold up to the heat so well and cracked… Oh well!


The caramel should be melted into a liquid. You should stop whisking and just swirl the pan every now and then. At this point, I used a brush dipped in water to coat the sides of my pan so the sugar wouldn’t burn on the sides, but it wasn’t really necessary. Also, this is where you want to keep a good eye on your caramel. Now use a thermometer to take the temperature. The caramel should reach 350˚F. I overcooked my caramel just a bit as it went to 355˚F, but it still tastes fine. A good tip is to get your butter ready on the side as you want to add in all the butter as soon as the caramel reaches 350˚F. The caramel should be a deep amber color and have a toasted-sugar smell.


Next, add in all the butter as soon as the caramel is 350˚F.

IMG_0272 IMG_0273

The caramel will bubble up when the butter gets mixed in. Stir until the butter is completely melted. Then turn off the heat.


Whisk in the cream until completely incorporated.

OPTIONAL: add the fleur de sel or other flaky salt and whisk to combine.

Leave the sauce to cool down for 10 minutes or so, and then pour into a jar.


You can use this sauce as soon as it cools down a bit (an hour or so) or you can refrigerate it. Reheat by putting it into the microwave for 30-60 seconds to become pour-able. Enjoy!


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