Two Ingredient Ice Cream

If you have ever thought that you couldn’t make ice cream because you didn’t have an ice cream making machine, then you are wrong. You can make this ice cream in the freezer! So simple, and so good! Yes, it takes 6 hours to freeze, but it’s totally worth it! First saw this recipe on


Freezing Time: 6 hours

Makes: 8 cups of ice cream



1 pint heavy whipping cream

14 oz. can of sweetened condensed milk

stir-ins (optional, but if you want to make your own flavor of ice cream, just add in whatever you want!)



Beat the heavy whipping cream in a mixer until it has stiff peaks (when you lift up the whisk or beater, the little peak stays standing) or use a whisk and do it by hand (yes this way takes about 10 minutes longer.) Then, put your sweetened condensed milk in a bowl and stir in your stir-ins (if you’re making plain ice cream, just skip this part and dump the condensed milk into the whipped cream.) Add your whipped cream to the condensed milk and stir-ins and mix until fully blended. Be careful not to deflate the whipped cream too much! Now, transfer this ice cream to a container and freeze for 6 hours. Once the 6 hours are over, commence eating! Enjoy!


To make a chocolate ice cream, add cocoa powder or chocolate sauce.

For a fudge swirl, take hot fudge and swirl in after putting in the container.

For a cool “chip” type chocolate, freeze for one hour, then put magic shell topping (chocolate sauce that gets hard a few seconds after you put it on ice cream) on top. Then, wait for it to get hard (you might have to put it back in the freezer.) Mix it up with your spoon and repeat the process until you have enough “chips.”

You can add virtually any chopped candy bar and it will taste good!

To make a coffee flavor, dissolve instant coffee into some milk and stir it in, or brew some strong coffee and strain it to remove the granules before adding it.

If you add fruit, don’t leave large chunks or you will break your teeth trying to gnaw on frozen fruit!


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