Rolling Donkey Asian Sweets (驴打滚)






Contrary to the name, this dessert does not have any donkey in it!

This traditional Chinese sweet from Northern China is sticky, not too sweet, and really delicious. It is like a cake roll except with a rice cake base with a red bean paste filling, then rolled in soybean flour. The name comes from the appearance of a donkey who has rolled around in dust.

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Steaming Time: 15 minutes

Makes: 2 rolls



2 cups glutinous rice flour

1/4 cup white/granulated sugar

1 1/2 cups water

1/4 cup sesame oil (really any oil works)

1 cup red bean paste

1+ cups soybean flour



Mix the glutinous rice flour and granulated sugar in a bowl. The pour in half of the water and mix again. Now add the rest of the water a little at a time until the mixture is pourable, but still thick. You may not need this much water and you may need more.

Prepare your steamer (with an inch or so of water in the bottom).

Take two (or more) plates and brush some sesame oil on them. Pour maybe a tablespoon or so of extra oil in the center of each plate. Place the plates in your steamer trays. Then, pour your rice flour mixture in the center of the plate until the plate is almost full.

Steam the rice cake for about 15 minutes or until it is not liquid anymore.

Dust a surface with soybean flour (use a lot). Dump your hot rice cake onto the flour. This may be tricky as the rice cake is very sticky. Dampen your hands with water to make it a little easier. Have a bowl of some water on hand to wet your hands every so often so the rice cake doesn’t stick to you. Divide your rice cake into two portions.

Then, flip over one rice cake a few times to get it coated in the soybean flour so it makes it less sticky. Use a rolling pin to flatten out the rice cake to the thinnest you can get it. This is really hard, but the thinner you make it, the better the roll looks in the end. After the rice cake is flattened, spoon some red bean paste onto it, leaving an one inch border all around. Now, roll the cake up and slice with a sharp knife. Also, after rolling the cake, you can roll it in some more soybean flour to make it even tastier. After finishing your first roll, repeat on the second roll. Enjoy!


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